9 Ways to Cool Your House For Less

When it’s a little warm outside and your home is roasting hot you need to find a way to manage your heating and cooling so that you get cooler air into the home. It can be very troubling to get the balance just right and for most, they end up being either far too hot or far too cold. However with a few simple tricks you can get your home a little cooler without spending a lot of money.

Think About Adding a New Air Conditioning System

If you have an older air conditioning system then you might want to update it. The reason why is simply because you’ll save money in the long term by updating the system. It will be able to keep the home cooler for longer and that will help to ensure you get the right balance as well. The HVAC system can be updated without spending thousands and in the long term it’ll save too. That’s why updating the system or conditioner is well worth considering.

Make Your Home More Weather Friendly

In the winter time you have to take steps to ensure the heat doesn’t escape and that the cold doesn’t get into the home and in the summer months you have to do the same. You might think making your home more weather friendly is a waste of time but in reality it’s not. This can make a real difference and with heating and cooling it doesn’t have to cost much. When the colder months start to drift back you can reverse what you’ve done.

Think About Dampers

Installing new dampers to help reduce the flow of cool air to rooms which are not in use can be a good idea. This will help to keep the most used rooms or areas within the home cooler for longer. What is more, installing these doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. If you are interested in these things then you can talk to a professional to see how much they would cost. You can find that your HVAC system can be your friend during the cooler months.

Open a Window

This might be the most obvious answer to give but it’s actually a really simple one. Opening a window during the cooler months can help keep the home a little cooler. You might think it’ll let in more heat if the temperatures outside are high but sometimes it can help to keep a house cool. The expense here is nonexistent and you can find rooms are generally cooler. However, at night, don’t leave your windows open if you live downstairs – this is for security reasons. Heating and cooling a home down can be difficult at times without the added expense but sometimes simple tricks can help.

Be Wary How You Place Your Furniture within a Room

If you have a ventilation system within the home but it’s hampered by furniture it’ll be very difficult to keep the cool air circulating well. You have to be very careful how and where you place furniture within the home. If you have a room that uses a ventilation system you cannot block or restrict its use. What is more, if you have a window and have it open, that needs to be unrestricted so the cool air keeps flowing. Your HVAC system shouldn’t be covered either.

Always Ensure the Cool Air Circulates

Have you got a ceiling fan? If you have, it’s time you turned it on and got it working. Now, a lot of homes have these things and they can be ideal to say the least. This will be the number one way to help keep the cooler air circulating for longer. What is more, it helps to add a little more coolness into the room. Heating and cooling perfectly is hard so you have to be wary of what you use. Sometimes using the ceiling fans can be ideal.

Use Extractors Fans for a Short Time

If you have a lot of moisture or humidity within a room, it can be very difficult to keep cool and that really means adding to the temperature. However, if you have an extractor fan you might want to think about using it. That will help to remove the humidity from the room and keep the cooler air in. However, don’t leave this on for too longer otherwise the cool air will be removed too. If your HVAC system is available why not use this to help remove the humidity and help spread the cool air. Learn more.

Use a Large Fan to Circulate Cool Air

Ceiling fans are great but not every home has them. If you don’t have one of them within your home you might want to think about using a standalone large fan. This will help to cool down a room or two and it shouldn’t take too long to do so. You don’t have to spend a fortune here with the fans as long as you are careful as to how long you use them for. Getting a balance between heating and cooling can take a little time so use a fan to help.

Use Heat Reflecting Film on Windows

Heat reflecting film is a very useful tool for any home today. This can be easily installed on the windows and that will help to keep the hot air away. That is going to really help cool a home down and ensures you feel more comfortable during the summer months. Even if you have a HVAC system, using heat reflecting film on your windows can help. Of course, during the colder months, you don’t need to keep the film on.

Stay Cool For Less

People often think heating and cooling a home is very costly and at times it can be. There is never a happy medium either because in summer time we are overly hot and running fan coolers all day long to cool us down. In the winter time we are putting on our heating to full blast in order to stay nice and warm. It’s difficult to get the balance right but the above are just a few options that might help when it comes to keeping the home cooler for less. Heating and cooling is hard to get just right but it doesn’t have to cause you too much trouble either.

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